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White Magic Spells Updated for 2024
White Magic Spells Updated for 2024
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Updated: May 16, 2024

By its name, one can surmise that white magic spell is performed only for good purposes. Fortunately, too, white magic spells have greater powers than black magic spells. Casting white magic spells can destroy, prevent, or stop altogether any type of witchcraft’s black magic spells, evil spells, curses or Wiccan hexes.

This protection from black magic spells also destroy the evil effects and dissolve the evil energies around. In addition, they also function as curse-removal magic spells. Protection spells coming from them against evil energies are also called repelling spells because they effectively repel these evil forces from harming would-be victims.

White magic spells can also be cast to help solve problems on love, money, do healing, counteract witchcraft spells, do fertility spells and protection against the evil eye.

Love spells

The most popular of all the white magic spells are the love spells. These are the spells cast on bringing lovers back, attracting someone and other requests.

Usually, these are instant love spells cast for a variety of reasons. It can be about getting back lost loves, returning lover spells, binding spells for lovers, and spells for other situations.

Love spells can be also be used as protection. The spells are used to protect marriages, or preventing divorces and separations. There are many dedicated spells to deal with the many love situations. They include break up spells, breaking love spells, marriage protection spells, lost love spells, soul mate spells, lust spells, anti-lying spells, and many others.

Money spells

One of the two most-frequently requested spells, money spells are invoked specifically to solve financial problems. With proper spell casting, money spells are very effective in drawing money from all sources.

It is said that money spells will not only solve your money problems but will see to it that money will be organized for you from friends, relatives and others.

Healing spells

Spells on healing deal mainly on situations related to health and health problems. They are used to help those suffering from illnesses that debilitate the person physically, mentally and emotionally.

For example, these are the spells to act on people who had undergone so much in the past and cannot seem to come out of it. Healing spells are some of the most affecting and most powerful spells in the white magic arsenal.

Fertility or pregnancy spells

For women who have lost all hopes of having a baby, this is one special spell to evoke. There is also a spell to help protect a pregnant woman from harm during her term. A special related spell is also used for the protection of young children.

Evil eye protection

Wherever one goes, there is always one person who gets jealous of others. Consequently, these people don’t want others to be happy. They carry negative energies with them and they can harm others by merely associating with them.

Some of them even place curses or spells on people they do not know but are simply jealous of. White magic spells can counteract these. There are also spells for curse removal made by black magic practitioners.

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