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Casting Runes to Give a Psychic Reading Updated for 2024
Casting Runes to Give a Psychic Reading Updated for 2024
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Updated: June 17, 2024

Runes are the chosen divination tool of many who give psychic readings. Casting runes will allow the reader to give a more comprehensive reading than with many other forms of divination.

This method of rune casting will give a comprehensive and detailed view of the person’s situation, it will tell the person where they are on the spiritual path. Nine is a magical number according to Norse mythology. Pick nine runes from the pouch. Hold them for a few minutes and focus on your question. Now scatter them on the table or another hard surface. Read the runes that have landed face up first. They will relate to the current situation. Runes more toward the center are the most relevant as to time. Those laying around the outside are of less importance and are about events to come.

If any of the runes are touching, they usually are related to one another. Runes falling on either side of the pattern usually means an opposition to each other. If a rune falls of the table or the cloth on which you have scattered them, you can choose to see it as the most important rune in the reading, or ignore it completely.

After you have looked at the face-up runes, turn over the rest of the runes leaving them in the same position they fell in. These runes represent outside forces or future influences, and will show possible outcomes. It is up to you to decide what the patterns and position mean. Once you have made that decision, you will need to stick with it as consistency is very important.

Rune- tines (popsicle sticks or twigs that are imprinted with the rune symbols) will work the best for casting on the ground. This is best accomplished by throwing all 24 at once. You will read the ones that land face up, leaving them in the position in which they landed. If the runes are touching or very close to one another, they are related to one another. If they cross or are on top of one another, they are in opposition. Groups of runes need to be considered as being in relation to one idea, as well as those that are far away. This takes a good deal of intuition and will take practice.

Usually 4 to 8 runes will land upright and you can get a reading from them. Of course the first way of casting using the Norse runes will give the most comprehensive reading. When using the runes as a divination tool, it is important that you work with the type of runes that you find you are most compatible with. It has to feel right to you as the psychic reader. When you feel comfortable, the readings will become easier.

Remember that no matter which type of runes you are working with, practice will only make you much better at reading the runes and very soon you will be able to use the runes along with your intuition to give great psychic readings.

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