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Seeking a Psychic Reader Updated for 2024
Seeking a Psychic Reader Updated for 2024
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Updated: July 6, 2024

Seems that these days there are more people seeking guidance from a psychic reader than a minister or therapist.  The reason is that oftentimes there can be a discomfort with traditional religions who may tend to be very restrictive or be not in step with today’s’ mindset.  Therapists can be very costly and sometimes pompous.  A psychic reader, for some, will feel more easily approached and helpful.


A psychic can be found in many ways, helplines being one of them.  Just as in traditional forms of counseling, conferring with someone who is outside of the immediate situation will have a more objective view.  The feeling is that the weight of personal decisions can be lifted by another person with intuitive abilities. The helpline concept makes this type of counseling very convenient as it is available any time day or night. It also feels more private/confidential since the person on the other end of the line does not know you, you’re not face to face, and they don’t make judgments based on visual observations.  Lastly, hotlines tend to be more cost-effective than traditional forms of counseling.


A professional psychic is waiting and ready to listen to you around the clock, so they are there when you need them and are ready to talk.  When you initially call the psychic will ask questions and listen, which may be exactly what you need at the time.  But in most cases, you are also asking for a reading.


The reading will begin with some information from you and the question(s) that you are seeking answers to.  Basics will usually be the date and place of your birth, major life event dates, or possibly just your full name.  The information requested shouldn’t be too specific, and more relevant to the type of reading you are requesting.

Depending on what you prefer (or are most interested in/comfortable with), a reading can be in the form of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, or could be in many other forms. Most people have become familiar with astrology through daily horoscopes that can be found in magazines, newspapers, and online.  With the most basic of information – your birth date, time, and place – an extremely informative reading can be obtained.  A numerology reading will take the letters of your name and/or your birthdate to gain insight into the aspects of your life.  You may request a reading using the tarot cards which can easily be done over the phone and of course, written reports can also be created for you.


Though helplines are convenient and popular, there is often the desire to meet with a psychic in person.  They can be found at reputable New Age/Metaphysical bookstores, Fairs, and online directories.  A word of caution, there have been helplines that have been set up to only make money and take advantage of folks. The psychics there are often frauds whose advice is questionable.  In addition, there are some solitary psychics who set up their practice in a home or small office who only practice to take control and clean out your pocketbook!  If a psychic is asking you for money to take away a “curse”, to create a spell for you, or something of that nature please be cautious.

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